God is in the details.

No Comments » Written on October 21st, 2012 by Kelley Lorencin
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Ezekiel / chapter 40 (read the chapter)

You’ve probably heard it before. It’s a popular saying. The Devil is in the details. I’m not sure where the saying came from, and in some cases, it might be right. But if we learn anything from this chapter of Ezekiel, it’s that God is in the details! This 49-verse chapter was simply one measurement after another:

“I saw a wall completely surrounding the temple area. The length of the measuring rod in the man’s hand was six long cubits, each of which was a cubit and a handbreadth. He measured the wall; it was one measuring rod thick and one rod high. Then he went to the east gate. He climbed its steps and measured the threshold of the gate; it was one rod deep. The alcoves for the guards were one rod long and one rod wide, and the projecting walls between the alcoves were five cubits thick. And the threshold of the gate next to the portico facing the temple was one rod deep.” (vs 5-7)

And on and on and on.

Remember, this was a vision God gave to Ezekiel in order to encourage the Israelite captives. The last thing they knew about their beloved temple was that it had been destroyed and ransacked by Nebuchadnezzar. I’m sure that when they were carried off to Babylon, they thought Israel was gone for good. I’m sure they never imagined that there would be another temple in Jerusalem.

From the context, it’s obvious that Ezekiel’s vision refers to a temple that will be built sometime still in the future, although all Biblical scholars don’t agree on the when. But whether that temple is built 10, 100, or 1000 years from now, don’t you find it interesting that God knew its exact specifications thousands of years ago? It has all been planned—down to the very last cubit.

Let me promise you: if God has such details planned about the walls of a building, He has even more wonderful details planned about the days of your life. If He could sweep you away in a vision right now and show you what He had in store for you . . . well, like I quoted from Habakkuk a couple of days ago, you probably wouldn’t even believe it. Even if He tried to show you what was in store, it is more wonderful than you could imagine.

God is not some fly-by-night guy who leaves things to chance. He doesn’t specialize in the random. He specializes in the specific. He is incredibly meticulous about all His plans—whether it is plans to build a temple, plans to create a world, or plans to prosper you.

So, in case you were thinking that it’s you against the world and you have to find some way of making it on your own, let me give you some good news. God is in the details. And He has plenty that apply to you!